Ashtothram -108 Names of Hindu Gods Goddess Parvati

108 Names of Goddess Parvati- Sri Parvati Ashtothram

One of the best ways to offer prayers to the Great Goddess Parvati is by reciting the 108 names of Goddess Parvati or simply the Parvati Ashtothram.

Known for her bestowing nature, Goddess Parvati is regarded as one of the most important Goddesses in the Hindu Pantheon. She is regarded as the Great Goddess or the Mahadevi, signifying her highest position among all the Goddesses.

Goddess Parvati incarnated in various forms like Durga, Kali, Chandi, Raja Rajeswari, Dasa Mahavidyas, and so on. Almost all the Shakthi forms in Hinduism are the incarnations of Devi Parvati.

The 108 names of Parvati too explain the same and contain the names of these forms along with other different names that explain the divine attributes, the power, and valor of the Goddess.

Goddess Parvati is the consort of Great God Shiva and is also the mother of Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. She is the Shakthi, the divine feminine power, and is also the awakener of the inner self and the bestower of auspiciousness, victory, and wisdom.

108 names of parvati devi- Parvati Ashtothram

108 names of Parvati Devi – Goddess Parvati Ashtothram

  1. Om Parvathyai Namaha
  2. Om Maha devyai Namaha
  3. Om Jaganmatrey Namaha
  4. Om Saraswathyai Namaha
  5. Om Chandikayai Namaha
  6. Om Loka jananyai Namaha
  7. Om Sarvadevadi Devathayai Namaha
  8. Om Gouryai Namaha
  9. Om Paramayai Namaha
  10. Om Eeshayai Namaha
  11. Om Nagendra Tanayayai Namaha
  12. Om Sathyai Namaha
  13. Om Brahmacharinyai Namaha
  14. Om Sharvaanyai Namaha
  15. Om Deva matrey Namaha
  16. Om Trilochanyai Namaha
  17. Om Brahmanyai Namaha
  18. Om Vaishnavyai Namaha
  19. Om Raudryai Namaha
  20. Om Kalarathryai Namaha
  21. Om Tapaswinyai Namaha
  22. Om Shiva-duthyai Namaha
  23. Om Vishalakshyai Namaha
  24. Om Chamundayai Namaha
  25. Om Vishnu sodaryai Namaha
  26. Om Chitkalayai Namaha
  27. Om Chinmayaakarayai Namaha
  28. Om Mahishasura mardhanyai Namaha
  29. Om Katyayanyai Namaha
  30. Om kaala rupayai Namaha
  31. Om Girijayai Namaha
  32. Om Menakathmajayai Namaha
  33. Om Bhavanyai Namaha
  34. Om Matrukayai Namaha
  35. Om Mahagouryai Namaha
  36. Om Ramayai Namaha
  37. Om Ramaayai Namaha
  38. Om Suchi smithayai Namaha
  39. Om Brahma swaroopinyai Namaha
  40. Om Rajya lakshmyai Namaha
  41. Om Shiva priyayai Namaha
  42. Om Narayanyai Namaha
  43. Om Maha Shakthyai Namaha
  44. Om Navodhayai Namaha
  45. Om Bhagya dayinyai Namaha
  46. Om Annapurnayai Namaha
  47. Om Sadanandayai Namaha
  48. Om Yauvanayai Namaha
  49. Om Mohinyai Namaha
  50. Om Agnana Suddhyai Namaha
  51. Om Gnana Gamyayai Namaha
  52. Om Nithyayai Namaha
  53. Om Nithya Swaroopinyai Namaha
  54. Om Kamalayai Namaha
  55. Om Kamalakarayai Namaha
  56. Om Raktha varnayai Namaha
  57. Om Kalanidhaye Namaha
  58. Om Madhu Priyayai Namaha
  59. Om Kalyanyai Namaha
  60. Om Karunayai Namaha
  61. Om Janasthanayai Namaha
  62. Om Veera pathnyai Namaha
  63. Om Virupakshyai Namaha
  64. Om Veeraaradhithayai Namaha
  65. Om Hema bhasayai Namaha
  66. Om Srushthi roopayai Namaha
  67. Om Srushthi Samhara Karinyai Namaha
  68. Om Ramjanayai Namaha
  69. Om Youvanaakarayai Namaha
  70. Om Paramesha Priyayai Namaha
  71. Om Parayai Namaha
  72. Om Pushpinyai Namaha
  73. Om Pushpa karayai Namaha
  74. Om Purushartha Pradayinyai Namaha
  75. Om Maha Rupayai Namaha
  76. Om Maha Raudryai Namaha
  77. Om Kamakshyai Namaha
  78. Om Vamadevyai Namaha
  79. Om Varadayai Namaha
  80. Om Bhaya nashinyai Namaha
  81. Om Vagdevyai Namaha
  82. Om Vachanyai Namaha
  83. Om Varahyai Namaha
  84. Om Vishwa toshinyai Namaha
  85. Om Vardhaneeyayai Namaha
  86. Om Vishalakshyai Namaha
  87. Om Kula sampath pradayinyai Namaha
  88. Om Aartha Dhukhacchedra Dakshayai Namaha
  89. Om Ambayai Namaha
  90. Om Nikhilaa Yoginyai Namaha
  91. Om Sadapura Sthayinyai Namaha
  92. Om Tarormula Talangathayai Namaha
  93. Om Haravaha Samaayuktha muni moksha parayanayai Namaha
  94. Om Dharaadhara Bhavayai Namaha
  95. Om Mukthayai Namaha
  96. Om Vara Mantrayai Namaha
  97. Om Vara Yantrayai Namaha
  98. Om Karapradayai Namaha
  99. Om Kalyanyai Namaha
  100. Om Vagbhavyai Namaha
  101. Om Devyai Namaha
  102. Om Klim Karinyai Namaha
  103. Om Samvidhey Namaha
  104. Om Eeshwaryai Namaha
  105. Om Hreemkara Beejayai Namaha
  106. Om Shambhavyai Namaha
  107. Om Pranavathmikayai Namaha
  108. Om Sri Mahagouryai Namaha

Ithi Sri Pravati Ashtothram Sampoornam

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