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Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram: Lyrics, Meaning, and Benefits

Sankata nashana ganesha stotram is a popular hymn on Lord Ganesha for removing sorrows or obstacles in life. This stotram was present in Narada Purana. The lyrics and meaning of sankata nashana ganesha stotram are greatly composed in a simple way and mainly focus on the twelve divine names of God Ganesha explaining his appearance and the importance.

The benefits of reciting this stotram are explained in the phastuthi part (Last few stanzas) that, whoever chants this hymn with devotion will get their obstacles removed and fulfills all their wishes

Sankata nashana ganesha stotram

Lyrics and Meaning of Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stotram

Pranamya sirasa Devam Gauriputram Vinayakam
Bhaktavasam smarenithyam ayahu-kamardha siddhaye (1)

I bow to you (bowing my head with reverence) O’ Lord Ganesha the son of Goddess Gauri (Parvati)
The one who always lives in the hearts of his devotees, who should be always remembered O’ the God the one who bestows long life, health, and desires. (Lord Ganesha I bow to you)

Pradhamam Vakra-tundamcha Ekadantam dwiteyakam
Truteyam Krishna-pingaksham Gajavaktram chaturthakam (2)

I assume you, Lord Ganesha, at first he is known with the name Vakratunda (one with a curved trunk), secondly as the one with single tusk (Ekadanta)
Third, as the one having reddish black eyes (Krishnapingaksham) and forth with the name Gajavaktra – the one with an elephant face. (signifying intelligence, strength, and power)

Lambodharam panchamamcha shashtam Vikatamevacha
Sapthamam Vignaraajamcha Dhoomravarnam tadhashtakam (3)

Fifth, I assume you with the name of Lambodhara (one with a large belly) and sixth as the one who is cruel towards his enemies (Vikata)
Seventh as the one who removes obstacles (Vignaraja), eight as the one whose body has a complexion of smoke (Dhoomravarnam)

Navamam Phalachandramcha dasamam thu Vinayakam
Ekadasam Ganapathim dwadasamthu Gajananam (4)

Ninth as the one bearing crescent moon on his forehead (Phalachandram/Balachandram), tenth as the one being the supreme leader (Vinayakam)
Eleventh as the head of the Ganas (Ganapathi) and twelfth as the one having elephant head (Gajananam)

Dvadasaitani namani trisandhyam yah pateh-naraha
Na cha Vigna-bhayam tasya sarwasiddhi-karam prabho (5)

The one who recites these 12 names, three times a day (during trisandhya’s – pratah sandhya, madhyanika sandhya, sayamkala sandhya)
Will not have the fear of obstacles and fulfills all their accomplishments

Vidhyardhi labhate vidyaam dhanardhi labhate dhanam
Putrardhi labhate putraan mokshardhi labhate gateem (6)

For those who pursue education will get the knowledge, for those who want to earn will get the wealth
For those who wish for a child will be blessed with a child and for those who want salvation will get the salvation

JapethGanapathi stotram shadbhir-masaih phalam labhet
Samvatsarena siddhamcha labhate natra samsayah (7)

Results of Chanting(meditating) on this stotram, will get their wishes fruitful in six months
Within a year all the desired wishes will be fulfilled with no doubt

Ashtabhyo brahmanebhyascha likithvyaha samarpayeth
Tasya vidyaa bhavetsarva ganesasya prasadataha (8)

One who writes this stotram and offer it to eight wise people
They will be blessed with great knowledge by the grace of Lord Ganesha

Ithi Sri Naradha Puranae sankata nashana Ganapathi stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the sankata nashana ganesha stotram present in Sri Narada Purana.

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