Navadurgas Goddess Siddhidhatri

Everything you need to know about Goddess Siddhidhatri

Goddess Siddhidhatri is one of the nine forms of Navadurga and she was worshipped during the ninth day of the Navaratri festival as the primary deity.

The word ‘Dhatri’ in her name represents the giver, while the word ‘Siddhi’ means the spiritual powers which are attained by going through extraordinary ascetic practices or meditation.

Therefore, the name of Goddess Siddhidhatri gives the meaning as the bestower of Siddhis.

It was believed that Goddess Siddhidhatri is known to remove once ignorance and bless them with eternal powers (siddhi’s) by which a devotee can attain self-realization

Goddess Maa Siddhidhatri Mata


Goddess Siddhidhatri can be seen seated on a lotus flower and with four arms, holding a Gadha (mace), chakra (Discus) with her right arms while the left arms holding a shankha (conch) and a lotus bud.

Spiritual importance of Siddhidhatri in Yoga and Meditation

Among the Navadurga Devi’s Goddess Siddhidhatri hold a special place as she is known to bestow Siddhis (the Mystical powers) to a plethora of beings like Gandharvas, Yakshas, Devas, Danavas, and Naras.

She is widely worshipped by Siddha’s who undergo immense yogic practices by doing meditation and other ascetic practices to obtain several Siddhis.

Attaining such Siddhis is not an easy task, as the devotee must undergo several phases to invoke the spiritual powers within them.

The Goddess Siddhidhatri is not only known to grant wishes to siddhis, ascetics, or sages, but she is also known to show her ultimate compassion when a devotee meditates upon her wholeheartedly.

It was believed that worshipping this goddess helps to develop the art of perfection within oneself as well as in removing their ignorance.

According to Devi Bhagavatam, God Shiva had attained all the 18 siddhi’s from Goddess Siddhidhatri.

Goddess Siddhidhatri and her Siddhis

Most of the times, we listen about 8 siddhis, how ever there are more than that. Puranas like Bhrahmavaivartha have mentioned about 18 Siddhi’s.

The Ashta Siddhis are

Anima (the ability to reduce one’s body to as small as the size of an atom)

Mahima (Ability to expand infinitely large or spread across)

Garima (Becoming extraordinary heavy or immovable)

Laghima (Almost weightless, lesser than air)

Prapti (Unrestricted access to all the places)

Prakamya (Ability to achieve whatever one can desire)

Ishitva (Absolute control over nature)

and Vashitva or Vashikarana (Ability to gain control over all living and non-livings things)

In addition to these eight siddhis worshipping Goddess Siddhidhatri is also known to bestow all other siddhis like Sarwakama, Sarwgnythva, Parakaya pravesha, Doorasravana, Vaaksiddhi, Srushti, Samharakarana samardhya, Kalpavrukshathva, Amarathva, Sarvannayakathva, Bhavana.

Goddess Siddhidhatri Mantra


Om Devi Siddhidatryai Namaha


Siddha Gandarva Yakhaadyair Asurair Amarair api
Sevyamaanaa sada bhuyat siddhidha Siddhidaayini

From the Siddhas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Adhyas, Asuras, and Amaras(Suras)
Who is served by these all always, Please bestow me the Siddhis with your mercy, O the giver of Siddhis – Goddess Siddhidathri (I bow to you)

In Yoga sadhana

Goddess Siddhidhatri holds a special importance in Yoga sadhana. Generally, the nine days of Navaratri were considered as the nine auspicious days for Sadhakas to attain the enlightenment of Goddess Shakthi.

In this period, Sadhaka undergoes an immense meditative state to awake each chakra within them. In this manner when they perform upasana on the seven goddesses they invoke their seven chakras and then enter into the adobe of Mahagauri as Kameswari along with Kameshwara.

After this stage, the Yogi then be entered into a phase where Goddess Siddhidhatri’s divine form can be realized.

The nine days of the Navaratri were considered as the period having immense spiritual power. This is the reason why several Yogis practice intense meditation to arise the chakras and feel the bliss of Goddess.

Temples of Siddhidhatri Devi

  1. Siddhidatri Durga Temple, Varanasi
  2. Maa Siddhidhatri Devi Temple, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh.

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